Get ready to have your boots rocked by Bailey’s Boot Camp!

This 2 hour long cardio & strength training fitness class takes traditional exercises into the realm of the barn. This is not your average fitness class, so get ready to work hard, have fun, and get dirty!

  • Space is limited. Sign-up sheet is posted in the barn.
  • Restricted to ages 16+
  • $25 per person

Note, this is not a riding class! Bailey’s Boot Camp is an all-out fitness class designed to make you sweat! This class combines traditional exercises with movements you would encounter in a barn!

Date: Saturday, January 5th, 2019, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Attire: Jods/breeches, paddock boots, SLF T-shirt

Cost: Cost will vary depending on whether riders need a SLF T-shirt to wear. Competitors who do NOT need a T-shirt will pay a registration fee of $85 per show, and competitors who DO need a SLF T-shirt will pay a registration fee of $100 in order to receive a T-shirt to wear for the show. Riders may sign up on the sign-up sheet posted in the barn. Please contact Christie or Becky with any questions about registration!